Tivola Publishing GmbH

Tivola is an international publisher and developer of mobile games based in Hamburg. We’re focused on apps with animals. In our games, players care for cats, train dogs, ride horses. Even dance with a hippo.

Founded in 1995, Tivola started out as a publisher of computer games for children, serving mainly the German market with local brands. Creating both entertaining and educational content, Tivola has won almost every German award in the field of childrens’ software including the “Deutscher Computerspielpreis” and “Deutscher Entwicklerpreis”.

After turning to mobile games, Tivola is now reaching a much bigger and far more international audience, animal fans and game lovers from all over the world and of every age. Today, our biggest new games “DogHotel” and “CatHotel” continue the ongoing success of the flagships “PetWorld” and “HorseWorld” – and there’s even more to come!