Open your own dog hotel and care for all the dogs in your charge!

Grandma Molly’s poodle has to lose some pounds, bulky Lucky wants to be a firehouse dog and little Mia has to learn her first tricks.

Make sure that all the dogs have a great time at your hotel and can return to their owners happily!

Many tasks are waiting for you and you always have your paws full. Make sure, that all the dogs are happy and content during their stay. It sounds easier as it is, after all, there is enough room for up to eight of them in your hotel! Ensure that there’s always enough food, wash and brush their fur and clean their cages. With good care and activity, your dogs feel really happy! A lot of affection and a bit of tender loving care should also not be missed!

This game offers long lasting fun for big and small dog friends! Many innovative interactions, different missions, creative expanding options, as well as the lovingly animated dogs turn DogHotel 3D into a stunning adventure! So what are you waiting for? Your visitors wait for you! Download DogHotel 3D now and open your very own dog hotel!

So it’s important that your inhabitants get enough space to move about in. On the huge playing field you can play Frisbee, throw some balls or simply watch them playing together. In DogHotel 3D, it’s also possible to train your dogs! With the clicker, you can teach them small tricks and commands. Labrador Lucky’s owner will be astonished when he can give paw on pick up day! As head of the house, it’s your task to ensure the good looks of your hotel! The more dogs you care for, the more decoration you unlock. Whether it’s the pirate-ship bathtub or the funny sausage bowl – there are no boundaries set for your imagination! You can furnish your hotel just as you like!