Elfcraft – Match and crush 3 Stones

The Magical Puzzle - The Game of Elfenland

Are you the best crafter in Elfenland? Help the elf by combining, rotating, moving and stacking iron ore to create the magical demonium.

For centuries, the story has been told of the most precious and rarest of all ores in Elfenland: magical demonium. So far, nobody has been able to forge the rare metal. Rise to the challenge – be the first to craft the magical ore and discover the ultimate secret of the elves!

Use your device's tilt function to move stones or remove troublesome stones with magical spells. Use your skills and wit to craft increasingly valuable metals from the base ore and discover the secret of demonium. The best crafter will not only get their rightful place on the throne, but also the glory and honor of the highscore.

# Tilt function – tilt your device to move stones and craft new elements
# New elements – use your skills to combine, stack and move stones and create new magical elements
# New rewards – unlock valuable rewards by achieving certain objectives in the game