My Red Panda

The cute animal simulation

Hidden deep in the jungle, behind the bamboo, there’s a new friend waiting for you, so that you won’t have to go on adventures alone any more: your Red Panda!

Discover exciting games, form a deep friendship, and show him your affection.

Explore his home and pay attention to your Red Panda’s needs so that he wants for nothing:
Feed your new pet treats and make sure that he has enough to drink; play exciting games so he doesn’t get bored, and wash him when he gets too dirty.

Is your Red Panda out of steam after a hard day? Then let him count sheep and drift off to sleep – but make sure you don’t fall asleep yourself! Feed and stroke your pet, and browse the shop for tasty treats so he doesn’t end up only eating bamboo. You’re in for a great surprise!

Afraid of heights? Guide him across dangerous obstacles at dizzying heights and show your skill.
For even more variety, give him a new coat and change the color of his fur. The other forest dwellers are sure to go green with envy!

Now there’s nothing standing in the way of a great friendship!

My Red Panda is the first game created by the internal Tivola team. A lot of hard work went into it, so make sure not to miss this premiere! We hope you enjoy it!