The animals are coming!

Care for cats, dogs, hamsters, chinchillas and rats, play with them and when they’re fully content and happy, give them back to their owners.

In your PetHotel, there’s a lot to do! Many pet owners come to your shelter and demand only the best care for their loved ones, so you’ll need to give everything to make the animals’ stay as cozy as possible. Play with your protégés and make sure they have everything they need.

The beautiful and realistic 3D animations in PetHotel are a great feature for every animal friend. Watch how your pretty Siamese licks her fur or how the funny Labrador jumps around. Reward your pets after showering with their favourite snacks and don’t forget the cuddling sessions!

In your hotel, you’ll never get bored, thanks to the exciting quests you’ll have to fulfill in order to proceed with your sanctuary. Expand the hamsters’ enclosures! Buy new toys for the dogs! There are many different tasks to be done, but of course you’ll get rewarded for your work.