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Tivola’s History


Foundation of "Tivola" in Berlin. The name of the company is made up of the first two letters of the founders' names: Tierig, Voelker and Landbeck.

With "Katja's Secret", Tivola is launching the first game in the popular "TKKG" series. By 2008, there will be a total of 16 games in the series, which is still very popular with collectors today.




"Maya the Bee - A Great Surprise" is published. Three more titles in the "Maya the Bee" series are published by 2005.


With "Meine Reitschule", Tivola is launching its first horse game for the PC, which will provide the basis for many subsequent horse games on PC, Nintendo DS and mobile devices.

Tivola launches its first games for the Nintendo DS. The first games include one of the first of many "Lillifee" games: "Princess Lillifee: Fairy Magic".



The "Lernerfolg Grundschule" series, which has already appeared on the PC, is released on the Nintendo DS - and is a mega-success on the device.

With "Lernerfolg Mathe Klasse 1-4" for the iPhone, Tivola releases its first apps for mobile devices.


"Pet World – My Animal Shelter" launches and remains Tivola's best-selling app to this day.

“Princess Lillifee - The Big Fairy Party" is Tivola's first game for the Wii.



"Wildlife America" is released for iOS and Android and remains one of Tivola's most-played games to this day.


Tivola publishes "Dog Hotel" - the game has been downloaded over 18 million times to date. 

"Horse World - Show Jumping" is available for iOS and Android and is still one of Tivola's most popular and best-selling games.



Tivola publishes "Pet World - My Animal Hospital". The game has been installed over two million times to date.


Tivola publishes "Petventures - Animal Stories" and "Wildshade - Fantasy Horse Racing" for iOS and Android. Wildshade has been installed over two million times to date.


Tivola publishes "Cat Rescue Story" for Android and iOS. The game is nominated as one of three titles for the best German mobile game at the German Computer Games Award in spring 2024 and wins.

With "Animal Hospital" and "Wildshade - Unicorn Champions", published by French publisher "Nacon", Tivola is producing a console version of its mobile game for Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 & 5 and Xbox X / S as a developer.


To be continued

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