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Buster's Journey 📱

Are you ready for a new adventure and good at finding hidden objects? Then meet BUSTER, the rescue dog!


He is very clever and a lovely dog, everyone loves him. Buster helps and rescues different animals in need, but first he has to find all hidden objects. Search for all hidden items, there are a lot of things to find, both small and large. But hurry up! The cat in the tree needs help. Start playing “Buster’s Journey”!

Find the hidden objects using their picture or shadow. Challenge yourself and search carefully for each item. If you can't find the right object, hints can help. Finish the level to rescue the animal!

You also need to take care of Buster, the rescue dog! Make sure that he always has enough energy. He needs water and food to stay healthy. Teach the dog basic obedience like “sit” and “stay”. Don’t forget to give Buster a treat as a reward for doing tricks! It’s so much fun to watch him at work! Explore the beautiful scenery to find the hidden objects.

“Buster’s Journey” is very diverse. Cats, horses, dogs and many more animals are in trouble and Buster needs your help to save them. But before he can rescue them, Buster has to search for different objects, like a flower pot, or the ladder in the garden. Some objects might be a bit tricky to find. Use one of the various boosters, it will help you! Explore the area and go and help Buster on his adventurous journey.

Once you finish a level, a reward is waiting for you! Get treats for Buster in order to level up his energy, which he needs to rescue and save the animals in need. Other rewards help you to train Buster once the level is done.

Help Buster and start saving animals today!


❤️ Many different levels to explore

❤️ Challenging tasks – not always easy to spot the objects

❤️ Cute animals in need

❤️ Beautiful scenery

❤️ Boosters to help you with your search

❤️ Train Buster to stay healthy

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